Top Reasons to Purchase a Renters Insurance Policy

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Have you recently moved into a new apartment? Maybe you’re currently living in a home that you don’t own. Either way, if you’re renting a place, you should purchase a renters insurance policy. This type of policy is important even if you don’t plan on renting the space for a relatively long time.

Top Reasons to Purchase a Renters Insurance Policy

Here are a few of the top reasons to purchase a renters insurance policy:

  • It can protect your property. No matter where you live, your property is important to you. Renters insurance policies can protect your priceless family heirlooms or other possessions that you value.
  • It’s separate from your landlord’s coverage. Your landlord probably has coverage, but it is likely limited to the physical building itself and not occupants and their belongings. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your belongings have been damaged or stolen and you think you’re covered when in reality you are not.
  • It’s affordable. Renters insurance is one of the most affordable types of insurance, with rates typically falling between $15 and $30 a month. With how inexpensive it is, why not purchase a renters insurance policy for the extra security of knowing that you have coverage in the event of a disaster or emergency?

If you’re looking for a renters insurance policy to suit your needs, reach out to us at The Catawba River Insurance Group. We’ll get you set up with policy that will benefit you, so call us today.