Smart Hacks to Save on Your Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums

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Running a business on a budget can be tricky. One major line item that takes a big bite is insuring your company vehicles. But before you panic, pump the brakes. With some smart maneuvers, you can dramatically slash your commercial auto insurance rates without sacrificing an ounce of coverage. Intrigued? Then keep reading!

Smart Hacks to Save on Your Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums

  • Hire Competent Drivers. First and foremost, you should only hire competent drivers boasting spotless records. Insurance companies usually reward unblemished employee driving histories with discounted commercial auto insurance premiums. Because experienced drivers diligently mind speed limits, traffic signals, and safety protocols, they file fewer claims.. So, be selective when hiring driving staff members, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded come policy renewal time.
  • Opt for Safer Routes. Limiting left turns and tricky merges not only reduces fender-benders, but also curtails stop-and-go traffic. And less time spent in crazy road conditions means lower premiums, too. It’s a win-win for your wallet and fleet. Ensure you discuss options with your team to map out the best game plan.
  • Implement Strict Safety Protocols. Other smart moves include implementing strict safety standards for employees behind the wheel, like banning cell phone use and requiring ample time off between shifts. This will help mitigate accidents and traffic, which can save your business big time when it comes to commercial auto insurance premiums.
  • Regularly Upgrade Your Fleet. Lastly, regularly upgrade your vehicles with advanced safety features and enhanced technologies like driver assistance. Insurers offer deep discounts for newer fleet models, which tend to be packed with innovative safety features that are geared toward preventing collisions and minimizing crash severity.

With some wise maneuvering, you can steer your company around costly premium hikes without swerving into coverage gaps or liability landmines. Start employing these commercial auto insurance savings hacks by talking to our qualified insurance agents today.