How Motorcycle Insurance is Different From Car Insurance

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If you recently purchased a motorcycle and are looking into getting a motorcycle insurance policy, you may have noticed that this type of insurance policy isn’t quite the same as car insurance, which may be a little surprising. After all, both motorcycles and cars are transportation vehicles, so shouldn’t they be pretty similar when it comes to insurance?

How Motorcycle Insurance is Different From Car Insurance

While there is certainly some overlap in the different policies, there are a few key differences that separate motorcycle insurance and car insurance. For one, standard motorcycle insurance doesn’t cover your passengers. This is because you are typically expected to be on the motorcycle alone. If you want to cover passengers, you’ll need to add passenger coverage, which is a good idea if you plan on regularly transporting other people on your motorcycle.

There are also additional types of motorcycle coverage add-ons that you wouldn’t typically see with standard car insurance. Do you plan on transporting a trailer behind your motorcycle and want to protect it with your insurance? Have you added any custom accessories or parts to your motorcycle and want to keep them insured as well? You can customize your motorcycle insurance to include these add-ons and make sure your motorcycle insurance encompasses everything you need it to.

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