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Find the right general liability insurance policy for your business needs.

General liability insurance, also known as “business liability insurance” or “commercial general liability insurance,” is a policy that protects small businesses from a variety of claims that can happen on company property or at clients’ homes. General liability insurance typically offers protection from 3 main types of potential claims:

General Liability Insurance in Hickory, North Carolina

  • Bodily injury. If one of your customers is hurt in your store, they might file a claim for you to cover their medical bills. General liability insurance would cover these fees on behalf of your company.
  • Property damage. If someone’s property is damaged at your office, or if one of your employees damages a client’s property while visiting them on business, general liability insurance can cover the cost of repairs.
  • Personal injury. Personal injury claims can include claims of slander, libel, or other damaging words that can impact another individual’s reputation or public image.

Depending on your small business, you may need additional types of liability insurance to completely protect you, your employees, and your company from more specific types of claims. For example, if you or one of your employees makes a mistake while completing a service for a customer, this would require professional liability insurance. If your own business property or equipment is damaged, general liability insurance usually wouldn’t cover the cost of replacement or repair. Instead, this situation would require commercial property insurance.

It can be tough to cut through all the legal jargon to find the best insurance policy for your small business, so reach out to our experienced agents at The Catawba River Insurance Group! Serving those located in Hickory, North Carolina, our friendly professionals can give you the information you need to make the right decision for your business.

At The Catawba River Insurance Group, we offer general liability insurance for customers in Hickory, Blowing Rock, and Lenoir, North Carolina.