Homeowners Insurance, Hickory, NC

HomeHomeowners Insurance, Hickory, NC

Keep your home safe for years to come.

A house is a significant investment. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure your purchase is protected with homeowners insurance from The Catawba River Insurance Group. Why choose us? Our agents in Hickory, North Carolina understand that every home is unique, which means every house insurance policy should be, too.

Homeowners Insurance in Hickory, North Carolina

Do you have an existing homeowners insurance policy with our local agency? If an issue arises, we’ll work hard to resolve the problem and restore normalcy to your life as quickly as possible.

Why is house insurance important? While it might seem like an unnecessary cost now, the right insurance can protect you from large bills and repair costs down the road. Our team recommends all property owners get homeowners insurance. We’ll answer all your questions about getting a policy and make sure you understand what your policy covers for the best possible result.

A general house insurance policy will cover:

  • Rain, wind, snow, and other weather-related damage
  • Criminal damage and stolen property
  • Fire and flood damage

Do you own a pool? You can also add liability coverage to your homeowners insurance policy to protect yourself in the event a guest is injured on your property.

Protect your home, your family, and your wallet from the unexpected with a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy. For more information about homeowners insurance and how we can help you obtain one of these policies, reach out to us today.

At The Catawba River Insurance Group, we offer homeowners insurance for customers in Hickory, Blowing Rock, and Lenoir, North Carolina.


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